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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


The School of Sanatan Dharma utilizes the classroom as the doorway to our children's bright future.  Anything is impossible, as we discuss Sanskrit, Hindi, and various Sanatan Dharma texts with modern technology as our primary resource.  The internet is a place with much knowledge and our teachers organize this in a manner our students can understand.  

Let's Learn Together. Click below and begin your journey to understand DHARMA!

The Classroom - Where the Students of The School of Sanatan Dharma can view their homework, study guides, and download other applicable resources

Bhajans - For those who aspire to learn some of Sahib Kabir's eloquent poetry

Kirtans - Lyrics to a variety of kirtans (Coming Soon)

Articles - A catalog of various topics (Coming Soon)

Podcasts - Find us on iTunes and YouTube for plenty of Audiobooks (Coming Soon)